Jessi Boldy

– Vocals and Rythm Guitar

"I've always had an interest in instruments and music ever since I was little. I picked up how to play the piano just from watching my sister at her lessons, and then decided to learn how to play an instrument of my own. I chose the violin, which was totally random but hey! I ended up making first chair in the orchestra in school until I then, of course, decided it would be a good idea to sell my violin for my first guitar. I didn't end up picking up my guitar until about two years later and taught myself what I know on it now. It was about that time that I really showed anyone how much I loved to sing too. I literally just came out of my room one day and was like, "Mom listen to this new song I learned," and she started bawling... It was the kind of reaction that makes you dream a little bigger and think 'alright, well maybe I can go somewhere with this'. I've always had a love for country music, it's what I've grown up listening too. As most people already know, Miranda Lambert is one of my biggest influences but Kacey Musgraves is up there pretty close too. I love when a woman can climb the charts in country music by being different, it's super inspiring. Overall, this whole journey has been incredibly rewarding so far. Its crazy how fate has a way of making things work out because joining these guys was one of the best decisions I've ever made."

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The Owl's Club - 535 Baldwin St. Bridgeville, Pennsylvania Peter B's Rockin' Red Barn Bar and Grill - 111 Rock N Roll Ln, Sarver, PA 16055 The Pines - 564 Trees Mills Rd, Greensburg, PA 15601 The RoadHouse - 2155 Route 119, Greensburg, PA. 15601 Speal's Tavern - 1850 Lions Club Rd, New Alexandria, PA 15670 Lernerville Speedway - 313 N Pike Rd, Sarver, PA 16055 Slickville, PA 15684 Love's SINISTER GUITAR PICKS